Daedalus provides a full slate of research, design, human factors, engineering, and manufacturing transition services to medical, scientific, consumer and industrial product companies. The Daedalus team has helped bring hundreds of successful products to market for companies ranging from startups to the Fortune 50.

Touch Screen Sampling Pump
The new SKC AirChek TOUCH Sample Pump is the first personal sampling pump equipped with a color touch screen. Daedalus partnered with SKC, Inc., to bring this first-of-its-kind sampling pump to market.
Sleep Therapy Device Interface
Working with our client, we helped design the interface of a positive airway pressure sleep therapy device. The interface design considered context of use, featured large easy-to-navigate menus, and used easy-to-understand graphical elements to display patient and caregiver facing data. Features within the interface, such as connecting patients with care teams, are designed to increase patient acceptance of and compliance to the therapy.
Train Control Evaluation
When the Interoperable Train Control consortium developed a positive train control system to support crews’ adherence to movement authority limits and to prevent unsafe movement, they asked Daedalus to perform the FRA-required human factors analysis.
High-Speed Pill Dispenser
Using the client's core pill counting technology, we provided full design and engineering services to create a system with a smaller footprint, greatly increased capacity, and important innovations such as the patented flex gate to control the flow of pills and a drawer interlock system to upgrade security.
Recent News

Rail Safety 2016

In any design major human major issues can lead to overt performance errors. But "minor" usability issues - often dismissed - add up...

Hacked by Barbie: Security in IoT Devices

Daedalus Software Engineer George Davis will be presenting at next month's Cyburgh, PA Initiative on security concerns that should be considered when designing connected Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

TEDxErie: The (Ungraceful) Art of Aging

Research and Human Factors Manager, Carolynn Johnson, recently gave a TEDxErie talk on the changes our senses and cognitive processes undergo as we age - factors that are critical to consider in the design of products intended for an aging population.

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