A prototype dental grip is shown, which contains wavy lines to help provide additional grip texture.

Dental Design and Research


"Once again DENTSPLY needed the help of the talented design team at Daedalus. We needed to fuse customer and engineering requirements into a new product design. The challenge was to create a unique pattern for a new family of Cavitron ultrasonic inserts. The pattern had to provide excellent control, while also being easy to clean and support manufacturability requirements. Many designs had been proposed and tested, but the final design was not identified until Daedalus got involved. The Cavitron FitGrip has been a tremendous success and the Grip pattern is a signature part of the product and its adoption into the dental scaling market."

— Senior Product Innovation Engineer, Dentsply

Dentsply enlisted Daedalus to help design a new line of ergonomic grips for inserts used with their Cavitron ultrasonic scaler. We designed a number of grips with different textures and feels, which we then screened along with other grip designs at a dental trade show in focus groups composed of dental hygienists. Using the grips while working on dental mannequins, hygienists were led through a series of exercises and provided their feedback. After compiling the data and presenting the results to Dentsply, one of the Daedalus designs was selected for development.

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