Natural Gas Flow Monitoring App

Dormont's easy-to-use FloPro-MD™ app, a breakthrough ultra-compact natural gas meter developed with Daedalus, and Dormont's widely-lauded Blue Hose comprise Dormont’s new integrated gas flow measurement system.

This internet-of-things (IOT) system represents an ambitious new direction for Dormont. To ensure that the app would be embraced by the service technicians who would be using the FloPro-MD™, Daedalus researchers and Dormont team members visited test kitchens, appliance manufacturers, and technician certification agencies throughout North America. We learned how the technicians gather and interpret data related to natural gas and propane flow and pressure to identify patterns to diagnose existing and predict future problems that can create lost revenue and other issues.

The FloPro-MD™ app that resulted features an attractive, fast, and intuitive startup and commissioning process that quickly gets technicians connected to installed FloPro-MD™ devices. The interface supports technicians in easily switching between viewing real-time data or stored data related to gas flow, capacity, and pressure. Additional data and analysis is at their fingertips can be emailed or uploaded for later analysis.

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