Small Air Sampling Pump

Air sampling for compliance with safety regulations generally involves the use of a wearable sampling pump that draws in air from a worker’s breathing zone. That air is passed through a sample collection media and later analyzed in a lab for the gases and vapors detected.

SKC partnered with Daedalus for the industrial and user interface design and mechanical, electrical, and software engineering of their Pocket Pump® TOUCH, which is the first wireless low-flow personal sampling pump that supports a touch screen for user interactions. The Pocket Pump TOUCH has a simple and easy to use interface. Bluetooth communications with the SmartWave mobile app allow users to view information related to the pump condition and the sampling session, and to start, stop, or adjust, the sampling flow rate without disturbing the wearer and his or her work.

The Pocket Pump TOUCH also features an exhaust port for direct filling of sample bags, a USB powered charging cable, and 20+ hour run time, all in a small pump that easily fits in your pocket. When it needs to be recharged, the Pocket Pump TOUCH’s magnetic, easy-to-use charging connector allows for easy connection, while eliminating the possibility of plugging in the wrong thing and preventing damage to the device from it being pulled or dropped while being charged. Finally, meeting the stringent ATEX, UL, and IEC 60079-11 standards for Intrinsic Safety, the Pocket Pump TOUCH is certified for use in explosive environments.

This small, robust, and reliable pump was a recipient of the World of Safety & Health (WSHAsia) Awards 2020, which recognizes excellence within the safety industry for innovative solutions designed to improve workplace safety and health.

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