The Regear thermotherapy device is shown with an arm used for warming.

Thermo-Therapy Device

Daedalus was responsible for the industrial design and mechanical and electrical engineering of a therapeutic device for applying controlled, targeted, deep-tissue warming (thermotherapy). It can be used for virtually any condition for which warming is helpful - including chronic pain, muscle spasms, joint contractures, and pain associated with osteoarthritis, soft tissue injures, and repetitive stress injuries.

Selected from a record number of entries representing the highest standards for the best and most advanced design in the world, we were proud to receive a 2009 GOOD DESIGN Award in the Medical Equipment category for our superior work on this system.

The system combines a compact, low-power, portable RF regenerator with a specially designed set of comfortable, lightweight, formfitting, body part-specific garments to reach deep inside injured tissue and facilitate healing by gently and evenly distributing warmth.

The patented system has been used by professional sports teams and is cleared by the FDA for unattended use, making it an excellent choice for clinical or home care.

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