Snore Prevention System

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine practice parameters have recommended oral appliance therapy as a first line of treatment for snoring and/or mild-to-moderate OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnea.) When worn correctly at night, the oral appliance improves air flow by extending the wearer’s mandible.

We designed a snore silencer system that includes a heat-and-fit oral appliance, carry case, biting exercise fork, and trays used by a dental professional during the fitting process. In addition to observing dental professionals fitting appliances to patients, several of the “snorers” in the office had firsthand experience testing our prototypes and first run production parts. Through the observational research and firsthand experience, we were able to make adjustments to improve the usability and comfort of the oral appliance (and indirectly help the spouses of the “snorers” sleep better).